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Arcola, IL

Visits By Appointment Only

Call or Text me anytime Monday through Saturday

Tyler Miller: (330) 763-0024 (Call/Text)

Hi my name is Tyler Miller your contact person and friend of South Prairie Frenchies. I will help make this the best  puppy experience for you. Feel free to call or text if you have any questions or would like to reserve a certain puppy! We would appreciate if you wouldn't mind sharing a little about yourself of why you are looking to adopt one of our puppies. Is it for show or for leisure? We only ask to ensure each of our puppies will be in a loving and safe environment! 

Please contact me to setup an appointment to meet us at our family home! I will then give you the address to where you will meet us and see the puppies. You may ask to put a deposit on a puppy to ensure a certain one is saved for you.


Arcola, IL 61910

Visits by appointment only.

For detailed directions please contact us.

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