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About Us

We are located in the flat country of Illinois where there are fields and fields of corn, soybeans, wheat, and hay. Many families also raise livestock and produce their own vegetables. We enjoy where we live as it is our goal to live a nice, quieter, slower pace of life. I am a cabinet maker by trade and work at a local business producing kitchen cabinetry. On evenings and weekends, I partner with helping my wife care for our pets and other animals. This is my favorite time of day. It was said that during my growing up years that I had a way of spoiling our family pets and loved spending all my time with them.  I always made sure they had the greatest care. This passion has carried with me into adulthood and it is the same with our current pets as well.


It was in 2008, as a teenager that I discovered a passion for raising puppies. I picked a Boston Terrier for my first dog because I liked their personality, confirmation traits such as the flat muzzle and bulldog looks. It was and still is a great joy to watch them grow. I especially enjoy the first days their eyes begin to open and they begin to steady themselves and finally walk. We also really enjoy socializing and playing with them. Spending every day with puppies is amazing therapy for today's hustle and bustle. 


In 2015 my life was changed forever when I married my wife. She has been an amazing partner and we have grown to share many of the same passions. My wife is amazing with our dogs and is the one to care for them during the day. It is always sad for us to see a puppy leave our home to another but it is a greater joy knowing they are strong, happy, healthy, and going to a loving trustworthy family.  We always enjoy seeing the pictures and stories that come back from our puppies forever homes as well. 

In 2016 through a friend we discovered and fell in love with the French Bulldog breed. We couldn't resist their fun-loving personality and well-built confirmation. Since we brought our first puppies home to raise we have always been focused on raising the bar for confirmation (short ears, short muzzle, blocky build) and genetic profile. Raising the French Bulldog breed comes with a special set of challenges but those challenges can not contend with our love and dedication to the breed. We have some adults with both standard and more rare colors such as blue merle, blues, and chocolate. It's always exciting for us to see what colors will come about from our breeding program and we are always researching how to improve.

At the forefront of our minds is always the health and wellbeing of our pets. We have environmental controlled housing with temperature adjustment capabilities and air quality filtration. We also have outdoor play areas dedicated to each individual and we socialize with them daily. Our vet makes weekly visits to do health checks so we can be confident each of our pets is at peak health. We routinely visit breeder seminars to take advantage of the latest research and stay up to date on health and wellness standards. It is ultimately our goal though to exceed the standards for raising puppies and seek to raise the happiest healthiest pups that we can. Our pets are fed only top quality grain free dog food, supplements, and immune boosters. 


In our focus on health, we are working toward having all our adult dogs OFA tested, certified, and clear of any genetic disorders. Be sure to look through and read about the history and health care suggestions for the French Bulldog and Boston Terrier that is provided here on our site. Thank you for visiting us and we look forward to meeting you. 


Blessing from us at South Prairie,

Harvey Miller

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