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We’d love to have you come visit our French Bulldog puppies!


Welcome To  South Prairie & The Miller Family

Hello from South Prairie Frenchies. It was said that during my growing up years that I had a way of spoiling our family pets and loved spending all my time with them.  I always made sure they had the greatest care. This passion has carried with me into adulthood and it is the same with our current pets as well.

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Why Choose Us?

We Are Family

God has blessed us with our dogs as our family. We don't have kids so all of our love is poured into our dogs and then shared with are customers who are family.

Visits Welcome

Trust is a major factor when choosing a breeder. That is why we invite you to our farm and welcome any questions you may have before or after your purchase.

Health & Nutrition

Diet and exercise are as important to pets as they are to their owners. We take great pride in the temperament and health of our dogs and puppies.

Selective Breeding

Our breeding dogs have to meet a high standard of genetic qualities before we even consider breeding them. We also seek confirmations to build upon traditions of selective practices. 

Clean Bill Of Health

We have done our best to test all our adult dogs with the OFA. We have done this to ensure the highest quality puppies that will give many healthy years of companionship.

Travel Experience

As much as we love meeting our puppies new family we are happy to say we have had 100% success with our puppies traveling to their new home via ground pet transport.

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