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Frenchton Puppies For Sale With Delivery To


New Jersey

South Prairie's Frenchton Puppies can be delivered to you with personalized care and attention.

*We also welcome visits to our home*

The Best Frenchton Breeder In



New Jersey

If you’re looking for the best Frenchton puppies available then South Prairie has what you’re looking for. All of our amazing Frenchtons come from Genetic and OFA-tested parents. To learn more about our highest quality parent dogs Click Here.   

We specialize in breeding Frenchton puppies and focus on quality and health as our priority. As a family breeder, we meet the strict genetic testing and breeding criteria.  

Full of bravado, the Frenchton seemingly has the mind of a dog five times its size! They never shy away from adventure and will be the first on the scene when something interesting is happening. This character trait means that they typically get along well with people and animals of all types so can do well in busy, multi-pet households.

If you go to our nursery page and don’t see any available puppies or one that pulls on your heart, call us or drop us an email and ask when we might be having another litter.

Upcoming Frenchton Litter

Valentine's Litter
Due: 08/05/24
Available: 10/07/24
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Nora - Goldenretrever-2.jpg


French Bulldog

Litter Reservation List
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Pick 3: Available
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Pick 5: Available
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